5 ways to make money with UX design

Marta Haida
UX Designer
Marta Haida

UX designer and master of Axure prototyping strongly interested in making the users’ lives simpler. Passionate about usability testing and watching people’s emotions and reactions. Russian philologist by profession, privately yoga and Slavic culture enthusiast.


Beware! This isn’t another description of what ux design is.

It is time to consider the most common question concerning ux design: Why should we spend money on UX design?

Bigger revenue and loyal customers

Let’s face it. A lot of users these days can act a bit like spoiled kids. If they don’t like a toy, they leave it and find a new better one. If a toy/product:

  • is really good,
  • allows them to complete their task,
  • is intuitive so they can use it naturally,

they will probably stick with the product for a longer period of time. Companies know this! They know that user satisfaction is a major influence when choosing a product, because nobody wants to play with a boring toy which doesn’t work properly.

79% of website visitors will search for another site to complete the task if they can’t find what they’re looking for. 16% of customers are less likely to switch brands when there is good ux.

Quicker time to market

Imagine that a product is built by a tech team only or only business managers. How would it look like? Will they succeed or fail? An interdisciplinary team allows a product to be seen from multiple perspectives. A UX designer in your team gives you more. UX is not just about design, it is a holistic strategy which:

  • creates a vision and a plan that will both delight users and provide tangible business results,
  • provides a new point of view based on business and user needs,
  • makes communication between a product and its users a priority.

A UX team keeps everybody on the same page. The co-creative approach encourages integration and builds better understanding across the whole team, from business stakeholders to developers. As a result, the product goes live faster and more easily. Nobody wastes time on unnecessary actions.

A UX team has a different mindset and approach than a developers’ team. By combining the ideas and technical possibilities, we get the most interesting solutions” states one developer

Less money is spent on development and less changes are needed

UX design doesn’t just provide benefits to developers. Investing in UX lets you get things right from the start. By beginning with the right design and injecting capital in the first stage of the process, overall costs are reduced and ultimately life is made easier. The money you invest in UX now will save you from costly fixes in the future.

Furthermore – wireframes prepared by the designers allow you to test your product with the real users which is priceless. It shows us whether we chose a good approach for our product before we spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary development.

Test 5 users – find 80 % of the usability problems

Your development team spends time on meaningful tasks

Coding without design is extremely hard and time consuming, as is dealing with bug fixing. Research shows that 50% of programmer time during IT projects is spent doing avoidable work. When UX design is part of the project, the preparation of wireframes and guidelines by the designers before development reduces ambiguity during developing and testing. Work is carried out faster and more efficiently, and all team members know what should be done. They can be sure that the designers’ decisions are based on proper knowledge, not assumptions and guesswork.

It makes requirements easy to understand. It’s much easier to explain something visually than with text” a senior developer

“UX prepares the design layer, and I can really focus on technical issues. I can be sure that texts & flows will be done by someone experienced in communication” QA engineer

Our Skyrise developers appreciate UX team work!

Better retention in your development team

IT is a unique sector and has its own rules. Companies are fighting for top talent. Developers change their workplace quickly. Nobody likes an unfriendly environment where nothing is certain. When decisions in a projects are based on knowledge from all fields – UX + business + developers , work goes more smoothly and workers return to previous tasks less often in order to fix usability bugs. Why?

  • Problematic issues are found early enough on during the design and testing stages.
  • Developers get everything they need to start their work (wireframes, graphic designs).
  • A whole team with developers, designers and business stakeholders can discuss cases together and nobody feels as though they have no impact on the product

As a consequence, the product evolves and the workplace is a more comfortable environment and staff turnover decreases.


Remember UX is not just design with pretty colours and illustrations. It is an entire process which discovers what feels good for the user. It brings benefit to each and every project and leads to improved teamwork and greater efficiency. Ultimately, if the user is happy with their experience of the product this will increase your profits.