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Asset, fleet and shipment tracking technologies ebook in 4.0 era

What types of technology are available today and how can asset, fleet and shipment tracking technologies help companies become greener, grow their business and gain a company advantage?

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What is it about?


Benefits of Fleet Tracking


The Dynamics of the Fleet Tracking Market


Fleet Tracking Technologies


Connecting the Dots: System Integrations


Tracing Shipments: Technologies and Approaches


Tracking Technologies and Approaches


The difference between tracing (historical data) and tracking (live data) technologies


Asset Tracking Technologies


Tracking and Tracing assets and machinery on a site


Optical and laser sensors and AI


Multi-sensor Feed & Predictive Analytics

ABAX Triplog Case study inside

#GPS   #IoT   #GoogleMaps   #integrations

Abax Triplog: fleet management software

Triplog is a custom software with great features: assigning the nearest driver to a specific job, planning the optimal routes with Google Maps integration, milage tracking, analyzing driver history or even addressing harsh driving if necessary.


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