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Abax Worker

Abax Worker makes a difference in the way 10 000 construction workers manage their everyday tasks.

iOS and Android mobile apps for workers

Apple watch app prototype

RWD online project management app


To provide ABAX AS with a world-class project planning, resource management, and documentation handling system for their customers.


ABAX Worker is a complementary system for the array of existing ABAX solutions: ABAX Triplog (vehicle tracking system), ABAX Fleet Management and ABAX Equipment Control technology.

It enables project managers to plan and keep track of construction and renovation projects and manage effectively employees, sub-contractors and physical resources.

The mobile app for workers makes it easy to receive and report information about the safety requirements, project location, task progress, unexpected situations and provide documentation of the project.


Norwegian / Swedish client

For construction companies

Mobile app

Apple watch app pilot

Project management




workers have userd ABAX Worker mobile app

Key characteristics

MVP in 11 months

Apple watch app pilot

One cross-boarder team

Microservices, CQRS, event sourcing improving system's structure and maintainability

UI design meeting the needs of the inexperienced technology users

360° software service

Work log

Create the task

The project manager can create a project and tasks in the web app.


He assigns tasks to employees.

Logs time to task

A worker gets the list of tasks and needed documentation in the app.

Summary of work


The worker’s salary is based on their work logs.

Material reports

Project manager creates custom reports and documentation for a project.


Employees log time during the work or after on a crew list.


Project manager checks where the employees are working right now.


Real- time work control

The app makes communication between the project manager and workers easier by notifying about the most important actions connected with active tasks.

Safety and quality

The app contains quality and safety instructions and to-dos.

Non-conformity reports

The app allows informing and documenting an accident or a problem to management

Applied technologies

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Download the full case study
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