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28 Internet of Medical Things innovations changing our lives

Get inspired by over 20 IoMT apps and systems which have the true power to change the face of today’s medicine.

IoMT the new healthcare trend

Telemedicine, 3D printing, and digitalisation are the newest trends in the healthcare market. That last one is the most fascinating – it includes the medical systems, mobile applications and, of course, the Internet of Medical Things.

We have found over twenty fine examples showing the real improvement in healthcare services.

In this condensed, 10-page essay, you will get a huge amount of knowledge on:

// The IoMT market landscape in a bullet

// Pithy descriptions of innovative projects

// A list of challenges and opportunities of modern medicine

// A case study of data labelling for Machine Learning algorithms

Digitisation is a step that has been delayed for far too long. However, start-ups and other enterprises are catching up quickly

They utilise smart medical devices to collect and send a selected data to help control diseases and improve the health standards.

They accelerate physicians’ work and patients’ recovery processes with mobile applications.

They process meaningful information in real-time with Machine Learning and other technologies to help make the best decisions in life-threatning situations.

What is inside?

We collected a vast number of IoMT examples and described it. Inside, you will find:

// Comprehensive definition of the Internet of Medical Things

// Challenges and opportunities of modern medicine

// IoMT on body (consumer wearables and clinical-grade wearables)

// IoMT inside a body (digital pills, nanorobots, remote monitoring)

// IoMT at home (PERS, RPM)

// IoMT in cooperation between health facility units (logistics, POC devices, smart emergency medicine)

// Exo’s case study

Who should read it?

Every business manager in healthcare will benefit from the lecture of 28 IoMT innovations. But to be more specific we address this short essay to Managing Directors, Executive Managers, Project Managers, Operations Managers and Quality Assurance Managers in the healthcare industry.

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Download the full case study
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Download the full case study
Download the full case study
Download full case study
Download the full case study
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