For over 10 years, we have delivered sustainable and extensible software products for both big European corporate clients and small organizations on their individual way to success.

We put together customers’ needs and the creative approach to technology, design and business development. Our open-minded, in-house team works iteratively to deliver the full cycle of the product, exactly when and how it’s needed.


We are good at

Mobility solutions

Intelligent and reliable real-time data processing integrated with mobile apps, web and in-car solutions allows you to improve the flow of vehicles and overall user experience.

Our parking solutions help to achieve better parking spots utilisation and to reduce the traffic resulting from parking spot search time.

Vehicle access automation and management

Advanced systems allow you to control the flow of vehicles in commercial, residential and industrial areas as well as in airport zones.

We provide full automation of access control as well as software and hardware integration that meets all security requirements.

Payments integration

Well-crafted payment integration allows you to accept online and mobile payments in a convenient and user-friendly way, simultaneously increasing your conversion rate and revenue.

We provide simplified credit card payments authorization or direct payments processing based on integration with local and global payment operators.

We are a community of professionals working with customers in productive partnerships. Let us bring value to your business and focus on your goals.

We have created

Parking management system for Norwegian car parks

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Universal project management system for construction companies

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Parking information and management system for cities and commercial car parks

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We listen to customers

Skyrise team is professional, up-to-date on technology trends and an honest partner that I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for skilled software engineers. Their communication is very effective, so you can be sure about the proper flow information between you, Project Managers and developers. What is important to point out, that all team members are experienced specialists, so you always receive the highest quality together with the very good price.

Eirik Rosenberg, Abax (Norway)

What I appreciate most about cooperation with Skyrise is their ability to understand a business case, and perform precise estimation of design, implementation and test.

Their communication skills, the technical expertise and reaction to challenges and obstacles are exceptional. We have been working together for over four years with iterations every month and I am glad to say that we are now more like colleagues than parties in a Buyer-Vendor relationship.

Bengt Jørgen Olsen, BT Signaal (Norway)

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